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Cloud Management

We help companies innovate, improve operations, and deliver success through high-level Cloud strategy and Management.

Vengreen cloud management

Manage your Operations in the Cloud

The cloud has profoundly changed how companies operate. Today, your organization no longer needs to invest in your own data center to run your operations. Scalable and highly available computing environments in the cloud don’t need to be maintained, upgraded or serviced. Cloud applications are easily integrated, providing a 360 degree view of your operations. And on top of it you can select best in class applications that best fit your business needs.

Having established our cloud application practice since many years, we have can help you get your systems implemented at an affordable price. Our certified consultants are located both in London and Hyderabad and don’t require a travel budget. But most of all, we pride ourselves in maintaining the highest possible customer satisfaction rating of 10/10.

Our consultants work side by side with your team to develop cloud strategy for Public and Private Cloud. We help you select cloud applications to manage your operations effectively. Our cloud strategy engagements include market research, product planning, strategic alliance and partner selection. We help organizations conduct build versus buy analyses, off-the-shelf solution evaluation and cost benefit analysis for new products and services. We also assist clients to position products within vertical markets.

VenGreen solutions is an independent consulting firm with the goal to make our clients successful, beyond their expectations. Existing partnerships with technology vendors are for the benefit of our clients and do not influence our research and recommendations. Here are some examples of our cloud strategy engagements:

  • New cloud product development and positioning
  • Implementation of strategic cloud solutions
  • Comprehensive market analysis
  • Competitive assessment
  • Roll-out of strategic initiatives

Our services

Cloud Architect

Multi-Cloud Advisory & adoption services
Experienced Cloud Architect

Cloud Management

Managed Dedicated and Cloud Servers
Managed Disaster Recovery Services

Enterprise Cloud Services

Backup and DR as a service
DevOps and Automation, BIG DATA, AI, Machine Learning

Public Cloud

AWS | Ms Azure | Google Cloud Consultant
Consult with certified experts

Private Cloud

Design your Private Cloud at Tier-3 + Data Center High-Speed Dedicated Server, Virtual Private server

Hybrid Cloud

Design Optimized and cost-effective solution with Hybrid Cloud

Let’s work together on your next project

We are an independent Cloud Consultancy helping our clients to have confidence in their current Cloud platforms or support the transition to new solutions such as AWS, Microsoft Azure or Google Cloud.