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A handy new Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure product map

    Handy Cloud Product Map

    Any craftsman will tell you that choosing the right tool for the job is essential for getting it done right. Cloud technologies are no different. Many cloud professionals look for the best products across vendors, but they remember ‘best’ is always subjective. It depends on highly-individualized criteria like language support, compatibility with existing tools, portability/openness, and cost. For others, the reality is as simple as choosing a product based on their team’s skill set and their existing tech stack. I understand that choice, since it’s much easier to learn how to use a new tool than to get people to change a process or domain knowledge.

    Teams often seek to match tools to their process. They may start by asking: Are we a cloud-native, Kubernetes shop? Do we only program in Go, Python, or Java and want a better serverless hosting solution? Are we .NET all the way? Or, are we looking for the best stream data processing compatible with a managed Hadoop service?

    No matter what the decision, choosing can be critical, optimally with a full understanding of what tools are available, how they relate to each other, and what similar offerings exist. Your experience with one provider or another is another factor, along with your long-range plan to incorporate such things as new security strategies, better automation, or artificial intelligence.
    While you might not know every product mapping across providers, you probably have the foundational knowledge to understand which product categories are the most relevant to you, whether that’s managed Kubernetes, block storage, API management, or messaging services.

    Google just published a handy product map showcasing similar offerings between Google Cloud, AWS, and Azure. You can easily filter the list by product name or other common keywords. The hope is that this table can make it easier for you to quickly find similar products from each provider. You decide which product makes sense for your landscape and can best match your skills or goals. The product map can be accessed here.

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