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Qlik Professional Services & Consulting

Empower your entire workforce to make better decisions.

Boost your decision making with our Qlik expertise

We are taking the first step in the process of specifying the actual scope of your project, creating a plan that defines the resource allocation, tasks, milestones and deliverables necessary to meet your specific requirements.​

We will build for you, on-site, a Qlik proof of concept, that will give you complete transparency of your business data at a level of speed and trust that will enable you to identify and seize the right opportunities as they come along. Your business will be left with a powerful Qlik application that will show you things you have never seen before.

Helping on implementing Qlik Solutions in your organization by sharing best practices, exchanging detailed documentation, helping to utilize the features included in your subscription and functional tips on how to optimize all of your business process and enable you with advanced reporting tools to benefit from the implementation.

The goal of a Qlik data model is to enable efficient handling of the data. We follow the best practices guidelines when building a data model in Qlik. The data model is the foundation of a high-performing application. It will also make it easier to build your visualizations and expressions, to perform more efficient in your end application.

Let’s work together on your next project

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